Above Beaghmore – 360 Degree Interactive Panorama


Click the image above for the interactive versionĀ 

Click and drag with your mouse or use the controls at the bottom of the screen.

360 Degree Interactive Panorama taken above Beaghmore Stone Circles

This image was taken from on board my Multicopter aircraft and made by stitching together a series of images taken using a GoPro Hero 2 camera. Due to the fisheye lens on the camera the resolution isn’t as good as I would like. I hope to build a gimbal capable of carrying my Cannon IXUS 300 soon which should allow me to create a much better quality image.

Beaghmore is a collection of Bronze Age cairns and stone circles estimated at around 6000 years old.They are located in the Sperrin Mountain range in the townland of Beaghmore not far from Darvagh Forest.

The name, it is suggested, means “big place of the birch trees” which is fitting as the area would have been a woodland before Neolithic farmers, who are thought to be those who built the Megalithic features, cleared the area for farming.

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