About Me

My name is Kieran Donnely, I live in Northern Ireland and a few years ago I embarked on a journey to learn all I could about Photography… Along the way I have been out and about the countyside and coasts taking photographs of the stunning landscape Northern Ireland has to offer. I make regular trips with the family for walks in my local area and at times, whe I get a few hours to myself, I head further afield across the country to places of interest and beauty.
I’m certainly not near the end of my journey…not by a long shot…but I have started what I hope to be a continually growing portfolio of photographs which has raised the interest of my friends, familiy and peers in the photography business. Because of this I have decided to publish my work and share it with the world.Over the coming months I will undoubtedly be adding to the collection with my regular trips around Northern Ireland to all sorts of places from hidden gems to some of the most famous landmarks. You can all keep track of my misadventures via the blog and leave comments and suggestions if there’s anywhere you want me to go, I’m always open to suggestions!!

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